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Different Ways Bookmarks can be Used for Marketing Purposes

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Customised bookmarks can be a great promotional tool for any business. Marketers can use them as mini flyers to market products and services. Those who get these items are more inclined to keep them with the business name tucked away inside their favourite book. Giving bookmarks is an inexpensive way to market your business. While bookmarks are meant to be used to mark pages of books for easy location, there are many ways they can also be used in terms of marketing.

Here are ideas to use customised bookmarks for business purposes:

As Event Tickets

Bookmarks are the right size that people can carry in their pocket, wallet, or purse. They can be customised to serve as an alternative to the expensive ticket printing for events, productions, and competitions.

As Promotional Items

Customised silver bookmarks make perfect promotional items you can give away during special events. You can have your company name, logo, or message engraved on them. They come with tassels that you can personalise with your desired colour, style, and design. Whenever your recipients use these items, they will remember your brand or business.

As Coupons

A standard 6-inch bookmark can be split into two halves and used as a greeting card. You can print your business information on the inside and outside of the card. Also, the card can be folded at the centre to make a gatefold card. Using a bookmark like this is an elegant way to impress your target audience, especially as you introduce your business.

For Discounted Offers

Coupons and special offers can be printed on a bookmark. Customised bookmarks can have promotional messages like “buy one get one free.” It is important to let customers use their bookmarks to avail discounts during a sale.

As Contact Cards

Bookmarks can also be printed to contain business information. They can have information like a phone number, website address, email address, and other important contact details. Bookmarks are more effective than giving business cards since people are more likely to keep them because of their usability.

As Souvenirs

Those who own a travel agency or guest house can print a travel souvenir. The bookmark can show famous attractions. It can be given to customers with a beautiful image of scenery and the name of the agency. Recipients are likely to show the bookmark to their friends or family members.

As Brochures

You can also customise bookmarks to serve as brochures. They can introduce your business to the target audience. Consider printing your company’s vision, mission, and value proposition on the bookmark.

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