Do You Need a Virtual Office

2020 has been a year like no other. We couldn’t see it coming, but our lives have changed considerably, not only are our kids home from school, we got sent home too. But the recent lockdown has had some beneficial side effects. We have been forced to analyse our businesses and one thing we discovered was that not everything we were doing was necessary or efficient.  One of the big questions that arose was, ‘do we really need to pay rent for office space, or can we save time and money by having a virtual office?’ If you are at this stage, here are some of the benefits.

  • Meetings: One of the things you might be giving up if you decide to work from home is access to a professional space to conduct meetings. Meeting at your home is unprofessional. Your clients don’t want to meet your kids, dog, or what you are having for dinner. One feature of virtual offices is access to meeting space. Serviced offices in Sydney CBD are available.
  • Address: Many people would be uncomfortable using their home address for their company. It is a good practice to separate your home life from business. So, you shouldn’t let everyone know where you live. It might even be dangerous in these strange times of protest and social justice. A primary feature of virtual offices is providing you a business address.
  • Mail: If you go the route of having a separate address for your company, then there is the issue of receiving your mail. How much time are you going to waste by travelling to collect it. Virtual office providers can set you up with a person who will collect your mail, sort it, give you your personal mail, and scan your business mail and have it sent to you in a digital format.
  • Call Service: A plague of the 21st century is automated call answering software. If you can avoid this unfortunate feature, you should. But important calls tend to come simultaneously, and if your business is reasonably busy, you are going to have trouble fielding your own calls. A virtual office can provide a human to answer your phones and take your messages as well.

A virtual office isn’t for everyone. Some companies thrive on team interaction and brainstorming. If you require walk in access for your customers, you are probably going to need some real estate. But virtual offices are really taking off and this option might be your path to slashing overhead and becoming more competitive.


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