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The Ideal Project Manager Specification

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The accompanying gives the perfect task chief particular including general necessities they should meet alongside the Hard Skills’, the ‘Delicate Skills’, the frames of mind and the practices that we should search for in our Project Managers.

General Requirements

Effective Project Management is a blend of roughly 20% hard abilities and 80% delicate aptitudes. The hard aptitudes identify with the genuine procedures, strategies, apparatuses and systems including Planning, Organizing, Monitoring and Controlling while the delicate abilities identify with the Project Managers frames of mind and practices. Moreover, I accept that a genuinely astounding Project Manager must turn into a Master of Paradox.

By and large, the Project Manager is liable for conveyance of the alloted Project on plan, inside spending plan and meeting the desires for the customer. Likewise, I accept that the Project Manager has a duty to give a constructive encounter to the individuals chipping away at his undertaking group.

Hard Skills

A great Project Manager will have a profound comprehension and capacity to achieve the accompanying:

Set up a legitimate top-down, organized Project Plan involving a Product Breakdown Structure, Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt outline and Dependency Network. Plans ought to distinguish not just the entirety of the items that will be conveyed during the Project yet additionally the entirety of the exercises that will be required to be practiced to convey the items. The exercises ought to be separated into different levels with the most reduced level to be checked including 5 – multi day exercises. The arrangement ought to likewise recognize the venture spending plan separated into the degree of detail required to be overseen by the Project Manager.

Characterize the best possible association, asset prerequisites, hard and delicate abilities expected of the assets, and so on to convey the Project to which he/she has been appointed.

Oversee and screen the Project Plan to guarantee fruitful finish of the Plan exercises and conveyance of the Project on plan.

Oversee and screen the financial backing to guarantee that the undertaking is conveyed inside spending plan.

Characterize the substance/organization of and set up the different Achievement Reports to be appropriated on a concurred time span.

Set up, actualize and oversee procedures and systems covering Configuration Management, including Change Control, Risk and Issues Management, Documentation Management, Product Assurance.

Set up and actualize a group culture inside his/her doled out Project.

Delicate Skills

The perfect Project Manager will likewise have what I like to call the ‘Secret sauce’. The Right Stuff incorporates, in addition to other things and in no specific request:




Promise to Excellence

Promise to Success

Comical inclination

The capacity to persuade his/her group


Astounding relational abilities

Great arrangement aptitudes





Bosses of Paradox

Notwithstanding the Hard and Soft Skills distinguished over, the Project Manager should be a Master of Paradox.

They should have a major inner self to have the certainty that they can convey most anything while simultaneously they should have a little personality to empower them to give the greater part of the credit for effective conveyance to their group.

The Project Manager must be a director as well as show the aptitudes of a pioneer. The pioneer sets up the bearing in which the undertaking ought to go while simultaneously the director distinguishes the means that must be taken by the colleagues to go toward that path.

The Manager must have the option to deal with the vagueness that occasionally is intrinsic in a Project and have the option to live with it and yet scan for flawlessness.

The Manager must have the option to deal with the unpredictability of the undertaking, and a few ventures are perplexing, while simultaneously be continually scanning for straightforwardness and making things understood.

The Manager must have the option to have the helicopter see and comprehend the master plan and how his/her undertaking fits into the general plan of things. Also, he/she should have the option to dive into the subtleties, see the little picture, when required, and afterward have the option to step back up to see huge picture see.

The Manager must be eager and anticipate that things should be finished with a desire to move quickly while simultaneously comprehend that now and again he/she should show restraint in building up the connections that are required to run a fruitful Project.

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