What Are The Effects Of The Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Canada

Penis envy, also known as magic mushrooms, is wild or cultivated mushrooms containing a high amount of psilocybin, a naturally occurring euphoric compound. While these mushrooms give many psychoactive and hallucinogenic compounds, they could be considered one of the most popular psychedelics dating back to the seventies. These shrooms are prepared by drying and must be eaten by mixing with the food or drinks, while some eat mushrooms, freshly picked.

These mushrooms are said to cause a variety of side effects to the human body like 

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Pupil dilation

The Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms canada could cause a lot of visual and mental hallucinations and, in the euphoria process, take the person out of reality, which could lead to a lot of accidents unintentionally. At the same time, space distortion and creative visualization are also developed in individuals. These mushrooms must be taken selectively and must be carefully eaten. The people ingesting these could feel confused, agitated as well as could lack a lot of concentration. There could be a loss of sense of reality and suicide attempts in a lot of extreme conditions.

The effect of these mushrooms could be highly variable, but it could accept 20-40 minutes to start to affect, and it could last up to about 6 hours, about the same amount of time that psilocin would take to be metabolized and excreted. Some people believe that these mushrooms help to reach an ultimate spiritual state. These mushrooms could help develop a sense of connection with the world. But as tested by experts, these mushrooms often bring out the anxiety and the frightening hallucinations of the individuals in their mind and lead to confusions. There have been people who have been hospitalized in the past for having the wrong set of mushrooms, which resulted in a very bad trip.

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